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Sweet Water Supply

We provide drinking water on gallon and trip basis with different capacities according to our customer needs with a prompt service.

Sewage Removal

We provide our best support for all our customers; by removing sewage / treated / ground water etc, from different sites.

Heavy Equipments

We provide mechanical services with transport and managing of earthmoving machineries and heavy equipment leasing and rental services.

Manpower Supply

With a large group of well trained and skilled labors, we have been able to meet the ifferent kind of man power demands of major industries.

Skip Loader

We provide an efficient service for our customers, without giving them any trouble of over loaded skipboxes and dumped solid waste.

Real Estate

KMA Qatar has been into sale, leasing, rental and re-rental of villas, apartments, buildings, business centers, villa portions for family and executive bachelors.

Interior Work

At KMA, we take great pride in our ability to transform interior spaces into works of art. Our skilled team of experts is dedicated to delivering top-quality interior solutions.

TSE (Treated Sewage Effluent)

It is one of the most dry and arid regions in the world which is facing inconceivable challenges in protecting fresh water for domestic, agriculture and industrial uses.

Waste Management System

Our waste management service is committed to ensuring responsible and sustainable disposal of waste, employing advanced techniques to minimize environmental impact while promoting recycling and resource recovery.

Cleaning Service

Trust our dedicated team of skilled professionals to provide meticulous building and window cleaning services, ensuring sparkling clean surfaces that create a welcoming and impressive first impression for visitors and occupants alike.

Dump Truck Services

Our dump trucks can haul any type of material and in any quantity. From stone to hazardous materials, rely on us for all your hauling needs. Dump Truck is used for transporting materials for construction A typical dump truck is equipped with an open box bed.

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